Leadership: There is a saying, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” I understand leadership, I was a fire captain, as such I have lead teams of firefighters into burning buildings, into raging wildland fires, traffic accidents and conducting CPR on lifeless people. It takes team work training and belief in your and your team’s abilities to lead.

As a community leader you need to be able to understand how staff presents an issue and hold staff accountable for their position. If you disagree with the staff position you need to voice that disagreement and get two other board members to see your side or you are on the loosing side. That is the game of being an elected official at the local level.

I intend to hold staff’s feet to the fire, have an evaluation of the County building permit process conducted and determine where the problems are. When the Sheriff shows Cartel grows with illegal chemicals being used he needs to be challenged on what he is presenting. What he showed to the BOS was exactly that and he should have been questioned as to why he is implying that those illegal grows represent patients grows in their yards?

Also the BOS never addressed collective grows, SB 420 addresses collective grows. In my opinion Store front collectives need to be not only allowed but encouraged. I believe there should be a limit on the number of collectives initially to allow building officials and Sheriffs to understand the operation and their role in assisting those businesses. Once that is achieved let the free market determine how many collectives will be successful.

The health department should be providing factual information to the board and providing them with the most recent studies instead of spouting NIDA sponsored refer madness propaganda as was witnessed at the BOS meeting.

The board should have been able to discern that during the public hearings on their ordinance that those in favor of the ordinance approximately 20% of the audience were staff or non profit businesses that have a financial stake in keeping cannabis illegal. When you take those away from the supporting side they may have had 10% of the audience. That should have spoke volumes and it did to me. This further proves to me the BOS had their agenda and it really had nothing to do with patients needs and safe access. It had everything to do with creating criminals out of the very people they were elected to protect. Sick patients… Just to provide occupants to their 20 million dollar new jail…

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